The Tôt’aime Family

This is an inspired intergenerational performance in which the public is called on to participate, and where theatre and the circus arts conspire to bring joy to the audience. Both young and old will enjoy watching the melding of decades of stage experience with the innocent candour of perennial beginners… all from the same happy family.
It’s irresistible!

A zany family gets together to celebrate at Uncle Bob’s. Chocolat, the dad, is always in the mood for pranks and fun. Nico, a.k.a. Mom, with her oversized heart and skill, sees to everyone’s well-being while juggling around. Martyne, the teenager, passionately listens to her rock music and taunts her parents from her circular trapeze. Franka, the gentle, tiny acrobat imitates her rebellious older sister. Young Adrian, skilled in martial arts and an apprentice clown, dreams of being like his father. And baby Tohan, standing firmly on his feet, intently observes his extravagant clan. Uncle Bob accompanies the family meeting by settling in at the piano and encouraging everyone to sing along.

Duration : from 50 to 70 minutes
Audience : families

Productions Éclats de Rire

(450) 463-0172

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Photos and videos by
Ariel Borremans, Georges Dutil, Gaétan Brunelle, Angelo Barsetti, Dominique Chartrand, Pierre Crépo, Yvanho Demers, Bruce Roberts.

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