Corporate entertainments


The unforgettable evenings with Productions Éclats de Rire, a unique experience that you will not soon forget.

If you’re hosting an event, any event, wow your guests or delegates with a little zaniness. Give them an unforgettable evening, and yourself peace of mind. Our corporate entertainment services are at your command.

A unique experience

Planning a major gala? Organizing a simple cocktail?
Call us! We’ll help you put on a show.

Depending on your requirements and venue, our performers can transform themselves into many characters. They can become anything from pranksterish masters of ceremony and charming photographers to hilarious waiters and waitresses.

The extraordinary Nicoletta is a tower of entertainment with her flamboyant costumes, acrobatics and musical skills.
Chocolat, the clown provocateur by nature and trade, always rises to the occasion when it comes to ‘tomfoolery’.
As for Monsieur Klavierovitch and his magical fingers, together they can summon a musical front, improvised to suit the mood and occasion that will guarantee your guests enjoyment.
Before you know it, there will be no hiding place from the laughter and merriment.

Choose among the numbers on stage, indoor animations or made to measure creations to transform your event into an unforgettable occasion. And to make the experience even more unique, you can organize your celebration under our big circus top!

  • Numbers on stage
  • Indoor animations
  • Made to measure creations



Numbers on stage

Bell ringers 

SWith Maestro Chocolat conducting, guests are invited to perform the Concerto Grosso Modo. The music apprentices are greeted on stage by Nicoletta, and then perform accompanied by Monsieur Klavierovitch on the piano. For whom will the bell toll first? Unknown talents to be discovered and hilarity like you’ve never known.

Trapeze hoop 

Elegant and energetic, the beautiful Franka flies through the air on her round trapeze. Under her mesmerized parents’ tender glare, she will astonish spectators with her agility, her strength and her youth. A quality number!

Drums and contortions 

Nicoletta is ably playing her cello when Chocolat emerges with a huge, noisy bass drum. As inept as ever, he bumps Nicoletta off her chair and she falls into the drum, with her poise slightly diminished… Downright hysterical.

Magic in a bottle 

Nicoletta makes one bottle appear, then another, and yet another… How far can she go? Chocolat is stunned by the relentless replication. He frantically tries to do the same, to no avail. Meanwhile, bottles are appearing where he least expects! A head-spinning frenzy.

Knife throwing 

Chocolat momentarily believes himself to be a spirited knife thrower and strives to fling blades at a somewhat consenting human target. Fortunately, Nicoletta is there to give him a hand, and a reality check! The crowd participates, and asks for more.



Indoor animations 

The Maitre D’ and his musical menu 

Our Maitre D’ greets your guests with a master’s touch, and a touch of humor. He shows the guests the musical menu, and Monsieur Klavierovitch instantly performs a piano rendition of whatever they have chosen. Nicoletta plays her magic flute, while Chocolat roams from table to table with his musical saw!
Utterly charming.

The masters of ceremony 


There’s nothing like having your award presentations, tributes or roasts hosted by the amazing Nicoletta, and her unpredictable partner Chocolat. Our two presenters will handhold the evening’s high points and handle award presentations, if any are planned. With the cooperation of the event’s organizers, they’ll deliver praise to some recipients, and wisecracks to others. They’ll expertly stir emotions, and trigger laughter. They’ll shine under the limelight, backed by the vigorously nimble interventions of pianist Monsieur Klavierovitch. Fun and honors tailored to the event.

Photo shoots

Armed with funny-looking accessories, our performers snake around tables and capture guests in comical situations, in the moment. After framing your guests, we frame the pictures, which become great keepsakes. Always a popular activity.

Phony waiters and waitresses 

Our phony waiters and waitresses go undercover to help break the ice and make sure people are mingling. Soon, they have guests laughing at their strange behavior, marveling at their magic tricks and thoroughly enjoying their comedy routines. They won’t reveal their true identity until everyone is feeling comfortable and relaxed. A sure icebreaker.

Made to measure creations 


Your event has a theme?
Wish to take the evening into a precise direction?
Want several acts or a whole show?

We will match our entertainment to your requirements, and than some.
Options range from juggling and aerial performances to balancing acts and spectacular acrobatics.

Whatever the type or theme of your event, we will work with you to create a special evening, tailored to the occasion.

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